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Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Domain Name

Getting it right when you choose and buy a domain name is something of an uphill task, it requires a high level of research, and careful consideration before you can be sure that the choice you are making is the right one for your business needs. It is not simply the option of choosing a name that is nice or the first one you see, your domain will define the identity of your business, and depending on your choice, will carry and extend the brand of your corporation or business successfully into the online marketplace. You need to be careful when you do choose it because the combination of keywords and names is an important equation to solidify your presence on the internet.

There are promo codes available!

Before you buy anything, make sure you do a search and find a promo code available to save on your domain registration. Running a business is expensive, it’s important to save a few dollars wherever you can. To my knowledge, every single domain registrar runs promotions at least for first time registrations. Often after the initial purchase you won’t be able to use a discount code again so if you know you will be using that domain for a long time you should register for multiple years up front to save the most. It’s not just domains either, for example you can find a promo code for hosting for just $2.25 per month!

This can be particularly difficult when you are operating a business that is marketing or selling a niche product or service, which means that there will be an acute number of competitive websites. The trick here is not to be lost in the background and stand out, yet have a domain name that is both informative and has correlation to the service that you are providing. Liking a domain name is sometimes not enough, it is also about knowing that it fulfills the considerations necessary to make it business viable. When you are thinking about the names, think about getting more than one domain name, using one as a primary site and the others as leads that point to your main business website. In marketing terms, this is called content direction, which is using other satellite website to increase coverage on the internet and drive traffic to the website that does the actual selling, and thus increase the chance of a sale.
Choose a Domain Name
One of the domain name categories to consider is the TLD domain names, which is the top level of domain names on the internet. These exclusive business identity markers have the promise to launch your business into the forefront of the internet marketplace. While some may waver on the issue of TLDs, it still might be something you want to consider, especially if you have the budget. This because a TLD makes your corporation easier to remember, it leverages on simplicity to extend brand awareness to a larger market share on the planer and burn your services and brand associations with the population of potential consumers out there. Your domain name needs to be brand-able (think: Virgin), which means that it can follow a range of collateral like name cards and even flyers; which will then be used to market your product or service.

This is marketing 101, creating a theme within your business structure from the source, and spreading it out in a concentric message to all potential partners and customers. As you can see, choosing a good business domain name isn’t simply picking the prettiest flower you can find, it is a utilitarian approach, a mental breakdown and a business decision all in one. Think for your consumer, think for the market and think for your business, then you will be able to get a domain name that is just right for your company.

For those of you who do not know what a domain is, it is actually the name that you type into your browser to go to a particular website. However, you must be wondering why there is so much crazy to buy old domains. Old domains are actually the existing Page Rank, domain age, back links and finally the traffic. If you are actively associated with internet marketing, then you must know how important these factors are.

The important factors involved when buying old domains are explained below.

Domain name

A domain name that coincides with your main target keyword is extremely important to get a good ranking. Domain name is significant for branding.

Domain age

It is quite difficult for a new website to get good ranking in major search engines. However, the old domains have an upper hand, more of Google’s trust and are capable of achieving a good ranking for the target keywords in a very short time.


For a better and higher rank in Google for your target keywords, you are supposed to have some weighty links pointing to the domain name. Weighty links makes it more trusted with Google. So if your domain name already has links from the Huffington Post or Nytimes, then chances are it already has a certain amount of built-in authority. Of course, when a domain name expires and changes hands, these authority links tend to lose juice. So you should choose a domain name and try to get links from those websites yourself, instead of ‘cutting in line’, as it were.


When you buy an aged domain, then you get the traffic that is already associated with the domain name.

Since the old domain has the added advantage of traffic, they are not cheap at all. There is an entire aftermarket of domain-trading, where people buy and sell domain names for profit. Sedo is one example of this aftermarket. This price depends mostly on all of the factors mentioned above, however sometimes you can find people who simply do not need their domains anymore and hardly care about how much money they get for selling the domain. Therefore, for effective internet marketing you can buy old domains with high PR for only a several dollars. All you will need is some good luck to get success in looking for a cheap old high PR domain!

Nearly any words or terms can be a domain name, but should they? Although search engine optimization can help with getting a website seen on Google and Yahoo, one significant factor in how soon a website has some rank is the URL. While, in some cases, creating a domain name that’s exactly the wording of your business may be tempting, this only works for established businesses that are already keyword terms themselves. Instead, before you buy a domain name, think of all possibilities for a URL that would benefit the growth of your business in ranks and in traffic.

One may need to buy a domain name to create a personal website or to start an online business. In either case, the most important factor in choosing a domain name is keywords. Some internet brokers list all available domains they’re selling, while registrars let you search by keywords. In either case, the URL should be as short and simple as possible, without many punctuation symbols or uncommon initials and acronyms. Brokers often sell generic domains that capture a single, popular keyword term, but, generally, these “premium” names cost a large amount of money compared to a name you choose.

How do you decide on keywords? Creating a random name may not be beneficial in the long run, so before you contact a registrar or broker, consider the products or services your online business will offer. Your URL should reflect this in some sense. Additionally, keyword tools can help you with refining which terms would be best. Although SEO is nearly mandatory these days for search engine ranks, having a domain name that reflects your sought after keywords is also beneficial in this aspect. Although choosing a name is the most important part, the next step in the process to buy a domain name is to submit your information to the registrar. This will get the URL registered, so no one else can claim it as theirs.